Marriage Isn't for You: It's for the One You Love

16 March 2010

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 The Drawing

has a brand new piece of organizing furniture!
You have a chance to win it! 

The OfficeBox™ is every person’s dream office space. It’s a workspace and a storage solution that looks like a beautiful, high-end piece of furniture. There are drawers, nooks and spaces for all of your stuff! The OfficeBox folds out from a handsome box into an office work space that includes a table top surface area of 11 ft (5 ft. desk-height and 6 ft. counter-height, both surfaces folding open to create ample work space), 2 velcro walls, 8 drawer totes and 10 velcro pouches. The OfficeBox is on wheels making it easily portable.

Size closed is 36" wide by 48" high by 21" deep.

Size opened is 72" by 48 " by 36" (table slides out)

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Wrong Number


Rachelle Christensen

"Wrong Number is beautifully written, fast paced, and full of cliff hangers that make it impossible to put down. Characters and plot are well developed, and Aubree, the main character, had my sympathy and attention right from the first few pages.

Rachelle’s writing is vivid. I clearly visualized each new setting. Even the sounds and smells were vibrant, pulling me in.

I recommend this book for all readers who enjoy mind-wrinkling suspense, well sprinkled with mystery and clean romance." Anne Bradshaw

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