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15 March 2010

A Child of the Fifties and Sixties...

Paula A. Tomey-Allen

I am reminded of the age I am, and the era I was born in, which was 1950. Ah, the good old days. Things have sure changed since then.

In thinking back amongst the cobwebs I remember things like:

Mountain Dew in a green glass bottle and calling it "Kick-a-poo Joy Juice".

Playing with my black hair "bubble cut" Barbie while my sister played with her blond one.

My sister and I sharing the same bed for years.

Mom being a "stay-at-home" mom and not minding it.

My brothers had newspapers routes to earn money.

All of us kids would collect pop bottles (glass ones) and haul them in our wagon into town from the military base where we lived for the two cents deposit. We would then go to the local Ben Franklin and/or Base Exchange to spend our precious money on things like a quarter pound of Spanish peanuts for a dime.

Sometimes we would even comb the local dumpsters for bottles and find other treasures. (Shh... don't tell mom and dad!)

Having to wear skirts or dresses to school and if it was a certain temperature we could wear pants under them, but had to take them off when we got to school.

Piling us four kids into the back seat of our "Old Gray Dodge" and going to the drive-in with our fresh popcorn in a brown grocery sack. Our younger brother would sit up front with our parents.

Dad and mom got the first pick of the chicken (one chicken) and we got to choose ours by age. I would opt for the back and neck.

Our first TV was a black and white, and
if my parents were to be out for the evening, Dad would mark the TV Guide as to what we were watching.

I remember watching Ed Sullivan, Elvis, the Beatles and others who have since passed. Mickey Mouse and Howdy Doody were favorites after school, if our chores were done.

We wore hand-me-down clothes and lived a very humble, military family, lifestyle.

And, funny, we lived to tell about it.

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  1. Those were the days...forever known as the "good old days."