Marriage Isn't for You: It's for the One You Love

15 March 2010

Journey - 19 March 1973 - 31 May 1997...


Michael Francis Fullenkamp Jr.

Early in the evening,
a calm Carolina night;
a son was born,
thus began his flight.

From infant to toddler,
to school to life;
his travels were many,
taking all with strife.

Many lives were touched,
many hearts were warmed;
for he was special,
never to be forlorn.

Early in the morning;
a calm Iowa night;
a son called home,
thus ended his flight.

Through a thin veil,
arms open with love;
Once again with Father,
You watch from above.

The memories, the tears,
all cherished with smiles;
Michael you touched many,
while traveling your miles.

Paula A. Tomey-Allen (aka mom)
June 1, 1997

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