Marriage Isn't for You: It's for the One You Love

19 March 2010

Journal Entry from the Past 19 Mar 2003

Leonard Erskine Clark
22 Mar 1933 - 5 Jun 2006
My Traveling Buddy... I miss him
I can hear him laughing, "I'm having a ball over here!"

Today would have been Michael’s 30th birthday. My friend Leonard made the long road trip with me back to Burlington to take him his new flag, as I have come to do every year since March 19, 1998 the year after he died. 

Then it was on through Nauvoo and then Keokuk to take Mom her’s as well. On the way back, as we left Ottumwa, it was announced on the radio that war had officially bagan in Iraq. We just sat in silence as we listened to the newscaster. Wow… What more can one say…?

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