Marriage Isn't for You: It's for the One You Love

15 March 2010

The Reality of the Moment

Paula A. Tomey-Allen
25 March 2003

In the darkness of the night, I watch the shadows of the towering trees through the darkened shades blowing to and fro', as I feel your warm body lying next to mine and your warm breath on the back of my dampened neck.

The scent of your fresh cologne tickles my nose and I find my senses straining to capture the moment, as you place your warm, hand on my leg, and I snuggle closer to you, as we lie quietly, intertwined.

And then, as if lightening has struck the image of the moment, I am awakened to the sound of the alarm radio as it loudly squelches out the morning news of soldiers in war apparel rushing in to save a ravaged foreign country.

And, the scent, and the warmth and the closeness are all gone, as I am brought back to the reality of this time, that I am here, alone, and you are there, running through the hot, desert sand in rescue of those who fear for the reality of death.

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