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06 August 2010

Goings on with Hey,Hey,Paula 6 August 2010

I've not blogged in quite a while. Life has been hectic and filled with thoughts, actions and deeds!

In the thought department, I am thinking of changing out my home. With mobile homes you can do that easy! Just order a new one and have them replace your old one! Mine is twelve years old and is in need of remodeling or replacing. The one I am looking at has three bedrooms, two full baths, kitchen, living room, laundry room. Same as I have now, but different design and cool features like a soaker tub and big pantry and it is ten feet longer! Still working out all the details. Process involves, deciding if I want to switch out or remodel mine...?

It's action time for my youngest! They just found out they are expecting their first youngin'! That will make three grandchildren to bless me! Daddy will be heading off to the Air Force the end of August, so we'll need to make sure there are lots of pictures!

 Calla and Jeff
 The oldest grandkids are growing leaps and bounds! As Zac celebrates his 15th birthday August 9th, he'll receive the "long awaited" driver's permit! Around the corner, Kayla is preparing to graduate from high school 2011 and pick a college! Boy do I feel old... 

 Zac   and   Kayla

 Annette and John

Life is good... Health is same... The Lord blesses us each and every day... Summer is here and HOT and I love my A/C!

Love, Hugs and Buitterfly Kisses,

The bosses of our house, minus Mia who needs her photo taken yet

Similiar Mia

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