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09 April 2013

Ephraim's Rescue: A Movie Based On The True Story of the Martin Handcart Company Rescue

Written and directed by T.C. Christensen, this film shares the story of the rescue of the Martin Handcart Company as they made the trek west in the brutal winter of 1856. The team led by Ephraim Hanks, sets out in the worst part of the year, not knowing if they will find the Company alive or dead, to bring them to their new home into the area now known as "Utah".

The movie is set to be released in select theaters May 31, 2013. Check for openings here:

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Paul Cardall has really outdone himself with this stirring CD filled with music to dramatize the story of the historical trek of a pioneer handcart group's journey across frozen barren land that would lead them to the promised land, but not without hardship and despair.

A clip of the movie, to be released May 31, 2013 can be seen here, with Mr. Cardall's epic and moving soundtrack...

Ephraim's Rescue Movie Clip

The following clip from the upcoming movie with the heart touching music composed and performed by Paul Cardall can be seen and heard here:

Ephraim's Rescue: Music Score by Paul Cardall (Life & Death) 

 The CD is now available at various locations, including: , Deseret Book, Seagull Book, or


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